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Dennis McCarthy

As an organizational development and communications expert, Dennis is regularly sought out for his insight and advice on how companies can create vibrant sales cultures that create distinct competitive advantage. He is particularly well known in the media industry for his keen insight and advice to help drive organizational change and increase profitability.

Dennis has been keynote speaker at industry conferences and client-sponsored events for companies such as NBCUniversal, The Wall Street Journal, Telemundo, Media General, FORBES, Hewlett Packard, and Inc. Magazine.

He has authored numerous articles and books including The Loyalty Link: How Loyal Employees Create Loyal Customers (John Wiley & Sons, 1997), and has served as a faculty member for Columbia University’s Executive Marketing Program.

Fun Fact: Immediately after graduating from college, Dennis moved to Colorado, where he worked for the Idarado Mining Company as a heavy equipment operator. 

Personal Mantra (when faced with any challenge he’s never encountered before):
How hard can it be?

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