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Training Platforms


Depending on the specific needs of each organization, we develop on-site workshops, online modules, webinars, or recommend a combination of all. Our facilitators, experts in leadership and sales with deep industry experience, deliver highly engaging training and provide meaningful coaching. For each program, we design post-learning activities to ensure that new skills take root and the highest return on investment is achieved.


On-site Workshops

Paradigm’s on-site programs challenge participants to perform at a higher level. We use case studies modeled on our client’s significant accounts. Our approach creates an interactive climate that encourages productive feedback and discussion.


Our development team works closely with our clients' sales organizations to understand exact business objectives. We then deliver a customized program focused on those identified
specific needs. 


Sales & Management Training in CT-onsite workshop
  • Participants stay engaged through high-energy, continuous interaction 
  • Immediate peer and facilitator feedback reinforces new habits

  • Learners feel safe practicing in a judgment-free learning environment

  • Teams develop stronger bonds when brought back together to work on real accounts

Sales & Management Training in CT benefits
Sales & Management Training in CT-Engaging online moddules
Online Modules 

An early adopter of online training, Paradigm Group has offered state of the art online training
since 2001. We use online platforms for product, sales, and management training, and can accomodate organizations of all sizes. 


Online programs provide maximum results when traning objectves are clearly articulated by management and when skills are practiced and evaluated in real-life business settings. 


  • Self-paced training that's available 24/7 increases retention for many learners
  • Testing provides increased accountability for learning
  • Online modules allow for repeated exposure to key concepts
  • Easily accessible for getting new employees up to speed
Sales & Management Training in CT, benefits of online training
Blended/Customized Programs

If you want to ensure that key concepts are put into action and get the most out of your training investment, we typically recommend a blended learning solution.


Why? Because it’s not enough to just know how to do something. The highest functioning sales people are able to demonstrate that they can do it.


Most of us can’t be objective about how well we’re putting new skills into practice. That’s why it’s so important for people who receive online training to also get objective oversight and feedback from expert coaches.



Sales & Management Training in CT, on site and online workshops
Here's how it works
In a typical blended solution, we use online training to establish core principles and teach new concepts. In this context, the repeated exposure is effective in helping the knowledge piece of the learning to sink in. Then we find ways to add the personal touch needed to ensure concepts are put into action.

Supplement online learning with...

  • On-site coaching visits

  • Live workshops and seminars

  • Webinars

  • Conference calls

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