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what people are saying about Paradigm Group

Local TV Station

Local  Sales Manager

"I enjoyed the training and your wonderful energy.  

It was a perfect kick start into management and I look forward
to sharing the many takeaways."

National Media Organization

Senior Account Executive

"Thanks so much for the interesting, inspiring and fun seminar. 

I’ve been through quite a few in my time in this business but this was one that I can honestly say kept me spellbound for the duration."

"I've been through many other training programs, and yours is by far the most logical and useful. I'm excited to work with our management team to implement measurable systems like coaching specific competencies, understanding benefits using 'connect the dots,' becoming expert PPP’ers, mastering the CNA, and so forth.
Look forward to seeing you guys in the upcoming year! It's our goal is to be the best within this sales culture.


Digital Media Company

Digital Sales Director

"Thank you for a wonderful three days! 
I learned so much about how I can continue to develop my team, and
things I could do differently to help
them grow. I appreciate all of the
insight and enthusiasm!”

Digital Media Company

Local Sales Manager

"Thank you again for the amazing seminar. 
I really got a lot out of it and can’t wait to weave it into my sales style. I would have
to say the information gathering and the presentation parts were my favorite, as information like this only sharpens my
‘old dog’ skills!”

National Media Organization

Account Executive

"Great content, great format, great pacing. Super energizing. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt really jazzed about my work. This training made a big difference in our shared understanding of our solutions and value – a BIG difference.”


International Licensing Company

Account Manager

"Each member of our training team was helpful, encouraging, and truly understood our business challenges, which was remarkable. Everything was framed specifically for our needs. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”


National Video Ad Network

Account Manager

Local News Station

General Sales Manager

"I wanted to be sure to thank you for making our ‘Boot Camp’ possible.  Our trainer was great; she really made the process come alive for the attendees. I could see light bulbs going on and that is KEY to my strategy for building a culture that centers around Paradigm principles.” 

"Our program incorporated pre-session online modules, which were very well done and easy to use. They provided enough information so that everyone received a base-level understanding of our newer services, and that allowed for better engagement during the classroom portion of the training. Also, having to pass a test beforehand ensured that we were all prepared.”


International Licensing Company

Account Manager

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