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Measuring Success at Paradigm Group

Measuring Success


Most companies want a strong return on their training investment. Many tend to focus solely
on quantitative metrics such as the number of calls made, close ratios and revenue growth.
While these certainly are important indicators, they only tell part of the story.


To get a complete picture of success, you also need to measure the degree to which
salespeople and managers perform against established standards. Many 

organizations find developing, publishing and monitoring performance standards

to be a bit overwhelming. So they skip over this critical assessment piece.


Paradigm Group has years of experience helping companies make accurate assessments that appropriately balance quantitative and qualitative measures. We provide simple, effective systems that equip managers with the tools they need to promote best practices and to eliminate problems that get in the way of success. Ultimately, we help you easily see the ROI you get when you work with Paradigm Group.

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