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Sales & Management Training in CT

Negotiation Training

Negotiating and closing are such a critically important component of successful selling. Still, many sales professionals underperform when they reach this part of the sales process. Why? Some focus so much on relationships they're afraid to hold their ground (even with the slightest bit of pushback). Others fail to understand how to protect profit margins. And some simply fail to prepare, choosing to "wing it." Whatever the reasons, we often see sellers spend more time negotiating with their managers for discounted pricing than they do negotiating with clients.


Negotiators need to manage a complex set of variables. Those who successfully manage these variables consistently maximize the value of the products and services they offer. They also achieve desired outcomes without sacrificing key business relationships.

This workshop provides straightforward ways to:


  • Prepare strategies and parameters for any negotiation

  • Identify and manage things you can control

  • Understand and clarify the other party’s primary interests

  • Uphold value and maintain margins

  • Respond effectively to different negotiating styles

  • Avoid top negotiating mistakes

  • Identify and diffuse a variety of “dirty tricks”

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