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Sales & Management Training in CT

Integrated Product Training

When product launches don’t meet revenue targets, sales teams are often held solely accountable. But often, larger organizational issues impede the consultative sales process and contribute to low performance. These are the most common:


  • Unclear communication between sales, product development, marketing and
    executive teams

  • Launch hype—an over-focus on distinctive feature sets and product “newness”

  • An inability of even those in leadership to demonstrate the value a new product
    provides to clients


Organizations achieve projected revenue more quickly when the gap
between sales expectations and performance is closed. We help orchestrate

successful product launches by:


  • Developing product training that’s compatible with consultative selling practices

  • Coaching sales teams to effectively position the value of products in a
    customer-focused, benefit-oriented way

  • Ensuring that salespeople have all available resources required to answer questions and handle resistance confidently

  • Implementing continuing education and coaching plans


Organizations we’ve worked with have experienced more productive communication among cross-functional product launch teams and
higher rates of exceeded revenue goals.


Sales & Management Training in CT
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